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What is so called Jomon culture? Has it any relationship with modern Aynu culture? Yeah Aynu people saving wisdom of this epoch can smile. But stop laughing children of Okikurumi and Tresi Maci. Here is a serious question: why people usually name ancient Aynu culture Jomon- means cord mark. I suspect such a term has grown up from sisam colonialism: Japanese people always wanted to be the most ancient and the only inhabitants of The Islands so they wanted to distinguish Aynu culture from its Roots and because of it they invented such a term as Jomon. Because of it Ancient Aynu culture is still named Jomon. But we utari know that Aynu language and culture are actually language and culture of so called Jomon epoch. Because of it I believe that we are to avoid term Jomon.

Saving Aynu language and Aynu culture is business of great importance because Aynu culture represent us very interesting experience of interaction between culture and The Nature. Aynu people successfully answered the challenges of Nature and other cultures during 15000 years. Aynu culture has more similarities with Polynesian cultures than with sisam puri; Aynu were extremely sea people such a traditions are very peculiar in our modern world. Aynu were sea farers, hunters and fishermen and they have never managed agriculture like sisam.

To save Aynu Puri autonomy is highly desirable. We have to look at the Islands of Kuril archipelago which are absolutely neglected and wild. Now even one island would be enough for all Aynu who want to live in according to Aynu Puri. We have to struggle because no one language can exist without strong social necessity. Russia and Japan forget that Kuril Islands are Aynu territories and Aynu has much more rigts to be the owner of these Islands.

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