Okikurumi is name of Aynu cultural hero (Pilsudski thought that Okikurumi was closely connected with the area of Saru and other areas mythology knows another name: Mocarok, Kasunre, Ikoresuye, Sirakte). Okikurumi was the main hero of oina, mythology poems. According to the evidence collected by B. Chamberlain Okikurumi had taught people to hunt and to fish and his younger sister named Turesi Maci had taught people to sew and to weave. N.A. Nevski, considered Okikurumi as founder of each sphere of Aynu culture each their faith Okikurumi was also named Oinakamuy that mean deity of oina. Okikurumi was also named Aynurakkur or Aeoynakamuy (person smelling Aynu people or person about whom we compose poems). So, I think, that term god or deity isnt correct in connection to such being as Okikurumi is. I believe that considering Okikurumi as superman being ( in Nietzschean understanding) can be more usefull and correct.

According to a legend Okikurumi was born by the following way: the highest deities ordered to kotan kara kamuy ( settlements made deity) to descend to the earth and to set it to right. Kotan kara kamuy had dug through rivers valleys and had driven his mattock into the ground, then he ascended to the heaven. This mattock took root and became elm-tree, more exactly the goddess of elm-tree Cikisani. Pa kor kamuy (deity of year) was flying above the land, admiring about made work and sat at the elm-tree to have a rest. Due to this chance goddess Cikisani became pregnant and she bore son, late named Ookikurumi or Aynurakkur. Elm-tree was used by Aynu people in getting fire by friction. So Okikurumi is connected with fire. K. Kindaiti also studying this question paid attention to the semantics of word Cikisani literally it means: tree from which they get fire. When Okikurumi become adult Cikisani made a present to him magic sword. When Ookikurumi snatched it out around this sword immediately appeared flame annihilating ghosts of darkness and evil.

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